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Greetings and Welcome! 

Welcome to the home of Energy and Spirit.  The Spirits and Energies of all levels gather and await to serve you. This is a safe place, where you can rest, visit and inquire without fear.  This virtual space is a unique holistic energy center designed to assist you with spiritual awakening and empowerment, healing and wholeness, and communicating with with your center, the world around you, and the universe. The insights, perspectives and knowledge here is abundant, radiant and filled with potentials. 

 Are you ready for change?

Change is affecting everything around us in different ways. Norms are changing.  Tolerance is expanding.  The acknowledgement of all that is, is upon us.  New perspectives rise in answer to questions that have long been unanswered.  Our world is experiencing a wondrous and fascinating transition.  The times we are experiencing now are unlike any previous times at any point in history. 

The connection to your Highest (Divine) self is bringing about the changes to you and around you, allowing you to differentiate the limited patterns of mass consciousness from the connection into the center of your self.  Your awakening brings you into communication and reunifies you with "All That Is."  You are connected to and affected by the Past, Present and Future.

Energy and Spirit is committed to help you envision and move into the future of your conscious choice. Your spirit energy family is waiting to welcome you home, and to serve you in reaching your dreams. Enjoy your visit.

What is Energy Facilitation?

Energy facilitation will enable you to recognize and differentiate old patterns, cycles and ways of doing things that no longer support and serve you.  Many of these concepts are rooted in how mass consciousness (the mainstream thought-logic of family, society, religion) can diminish your connection with your Divine Self that operates at your Center and attempts to guide you every minute of every day.

Energy Facilitation provides guidance to help you to recognize who you are at the very center of your being. Connecting to your Divine Self will shed light on your path as well as help you understand your purpose. Facilitation will help you synchronize the priorities in your life with the "will" that transcends from your Divine Self to micro-manage your health and the events that come to you in your daily life.     

Energy facilitation builds your understanding of how energy works - how certain things are attracted to you, other things are repelled.  How your energy communicates and reacts to the almost infinite number of other energies in the universe creates and affects the reality around you. Developing your basis for understanding will enable your perceptions to change.  You will discover the inner joy and truth that you have been searching for.  

Are you ready for change?

The Continuum - Portal of Knowledge

Our website is structured to enable you to focus on the type of information that you need.  Our programs and exercises are very subtle.  There are no pre-defined levels, no degrees, no structured commitments.  Tradition tells us that there is always a master/apprentice relationship to convey knowledge, however, your path is unique to you. Your existence is unique to you. Acquiring the knowledge and awareness you seek is as personal as eating and sleeping.  Nobody else can to this for you, nor can you obtain any benefit by that which is acquired by others.  Every person makes and travels their own path, and although some paths may run similar to yours, the path of another will not lead to your destination.  There is no other being in the universe that is as special and as necessary as you are.

Facilitation enables us to share insights and perceptions with you, to help you "find the teacher" that resides within you. The knowledge you seek exists only within you.  Enlightenment can only happen inside of you. There are no substitutes when seeking the truth of your inner self.  Truth is an essence beyond scripting, beyond words, beyond all that is knowable.  Truth is a transmission that provokes energy within you, a type of synchronicity that resonates with you alone.  Understanding this truth unfolds the mastery of your being.  

Sharing energy inspires and promotes attunement to your own being.  The energy field that is created between those sharing in the flow supports the facilitator and the individuals advancing their own enlightenment. Unleash the Master that is inside of you.

The Continuum of Enlightenment

Every human being has the capacity to reach enlightenment. This is the truest gift of our Spirit Energy. Capacity is not attained by following rituals, adhering to rules or by imitating others.  

The words that you are reading are synergistically assembled in order to enable you to develop the awareness within you that brings forth a quality of enlightenment and love in all that you do.   Partnering with your Highest Self, you can find the direction and knowledge that you seek.  You can find completeness. We are happy to serve as guides in human form, with understanding of the human condition, to help you focus on the skills you need to communicate and work with your Highest Self. 

Sessions for Experiencing, Balancing and Healing

There are a number of different types of Energy Facilitation sessions.  Each will specifically target the areas of difficulty and identify the potential sources of the problem. Private sessions can supplement other healing modalities to increase their intensity and effectiveness.  Energy facilitation in this manner transforms the old healing energies into the new energy constructs.

The Continuum - Information and Workshops

Our written materials and workshops center on the concept of introducing you to different alternatives and perceptions that will enable you to "move energy", if you so choose.  In the Holistic Energy Facilitation Program, you can proceed on your own, join one of our group sessions, or request personal assistance.


The Oracle

Based on your needs and situation, divination the Oracle can provide information that mirrors the current moment without any judgment or ego.  Divination that is performed for you will enable you to better tune into your sensitivity, intuition, compassion, receptivity, and individuality. Our web site will help you determine the divination type that will best suit your curiosities.

Communication with Animals - Visit the Animal Spirit Kingdom - (Coming Soon)

Animals are wonderful creatures.  They have come primarily to help us reconnect with nature and ground our energies.  As they seek to become more like us, it is also in our nature to become more like them, sharing our existence and our awe for the beauty and wonder of creation.  Animals are part of the gridwork of the universe.  Communicating with them and understanding them can enable us to communicate and understand ourselves much better.  They help us see a "honest" reflection of ourselves without being judgmental.  There is much we can share with them and learn from them.

Energy Facilitation Program and Events


   Equine Assisted Learning Program

   Equine Assisted Learning EVENT Schedule



Healing and Wholeness

Healing and Wholeness are synonymous.  Healing is the process of bringing the parts of the whole together.  This process occurs naturally when you acknowledge the various aspects of yourself and reintegrate them back into wholeness and balance.  At the very highest level, healing bridges the gaps between consciousness and unconsciousness and transforms separation into wholeness.

Healing modalities to assist you.


Quantum Scan

(More to come... )


The help you need is finally here!

The help, answers and understanding you have been searching for is finally here.  Perhaps the healing modality you are using has had limited results.  Perhaps you are confused by channeled information from the Archangels or the Ascended Masters.  Are your metaphysical tools limiting you?  Energy facilitation is here to assist you in understanding and embracing the changes in the world, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. Energy has started to move in different ways.  Are you ready for change?

Visit often as we will be adding content to help you fulfill your needs.


Contact Information

Please send us an email with your suggestions and questions.  This site has been developed to assist you, and we are happy to add content to meet your needs. 

Theresa Wright: wrighteski@aol.com
Kim Shook: shooks@att.net
Kim Shook: 269-668-7289
Theresa Wright 269-382-3278

Webmaster: wrighteski@aol.com


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